Due to the limited amount of tickets, some students in this South Jersey school won't even make it to the prom!



Bordentown Regional High School and it's committee chose the Adventure Aquarium in Camden as it's destination for this year's prom.  The only problem is that the venue only holds 300 people.  While there are about 300 juniors and seniors attending Bordentown Regional, several dates and/or chaperones outside the school won't be able to attend.


As a result, many students are told that their own prom is 'sold out', and locked out of their own prom. The Bordentown Regional Prom Committee did inform students that the ticket situation would be a 'first come, first serve basis', but could you imagine what might be going through the minds of some of the senior class students?


David Gappa was one of those students, and according to NBC 10, 'he had already bought his tux and his girlfriend bought her dress.

“The person before me got the last ticket and they said no more tickets after that,” Gappa said.

Gappa claims he spent close to $400 preparing for the prom.

“I was heartbroken,” said David’s mother, Melissa Doran. “I mean he’s worked so hard. He cut his last lawn on Saturday. Last $40 he needed for his prom tickets.”


What do you think should be done?  Is the school able to do anything at all at this point? Feel free to comment below.....