Solange Knowles is a songwriter, singer, producer and businesswoman in her own right, and she's also Beyonce's sister — the one who "taught me I should speak my mind," as Bey sings on "Flawless." The public got a memorable visual lesson in Solange's forthright approach to life when security camera footage showed her attacking Jay Z at the 2014 Met Gala, and a tweet she posted early this morning (May 3) has drama enthusiasts wondering/hoping Met Gala 2016 brought another, if smaller, incident.

The "Losing You" singer, who wore a sculptural, bright yellow dress by designer David LaPort to the event, wrote at 2:02 a.m., "Shout out to when you think you all 'artsy and sh---t,' but your [sic] just rude and annoying lol." 

It's possible Solange was subtweeting some fashion world figure that only those who've memorized the Vogue masthead would know of — it's easy to imagine that one of fashion's most high-profile nights might draw plenty of people who fit that description. It's also feasible that, upon reflecting on the evening's events, she thought of an awkward encounter and was actually referring to herself in a moment of self deprecation. But people found it much more fun to speculate about who she might be shading.

Based on amateur body language sleuthing/blatant projection, Taylor Swift was one theory:

Others held off on guessing, demanding answers.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye "creepy contacts" West was another offered possibility.

One especially random theory: Halsey.

Was she talking about a beloved celeb? Or someone we've never heard of? Or maybe she looked deep into our soul and read us all, ultimately? As with the elevator incident of '14, we may never know. But we'll wonder. Offer your own theories in the comments.

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