Here is something new for SoJO - highlighting a word for the week to use as you may see fit.  Some words may not be found in a dictionary, but may strike an accord in your life.

The SoJO Word of The Week is "Cattitude".  One definition that I found on-line is "The ability of a feline to hold its humans in a constant state of servitude through a general aloofness".  Other way to look at it is that Cats have people to express their attitude to (thus Cattitude).

Some Cattitude to watch from "AFV "on ABC from a few years back can be found by clicking here.

Cattitude is the name of a rescue unit in North Central NJ (Highland Park area).  Cattitude Inc. tries to help provide cats with deserving homes after they have rescued them.

Should you want to get your Cattitude on, check out what has to offer in this area.

If you are a cat person, you probably appreciate some Cattituide in your life.