A man doing some snake studies in the Pine Barrens says he believes he may have had an encounter with a Bigfoot in the Shamong area.

The man - identified only as Jacob - filed the report with the Bigfoot Research Organization. He said the encounter happened in a very muddy area back in June of 2018.

In the report Jacob says he and another researcher, Cooper, were doing a study on snakes of the Pine Barrens when they encountered some pretty muddy and rough terrain: "The hike there was pretty rough, walking through knee-deep wetlands at points and wrestling with tangles of greenbrier and other thorny bushes to get to the location which was about a mile and a half back into the woods."

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Here's what Jacob says he observed:

"As I was looking around my friend went back behind me to look around or use the bathroom while I continued to look.
I began to hear bipedal walking in the swamp below us, what sounded like sticks breaking and snapping. I was pretty freaked out thinking it was a hunter so I yelled down at it saying “hello? Anyone there?”. No response as I continued to look I saw part of a dark figure go tree from tree. Long enough to know I wasn’t imagining it, but not long enough to identify shape, size and detail. My memory fails to remember exactly how tall off the ground it was but the encounter lasted several seconds, from when I first heard the walking, saw the dark flash and when it subsequently disappeared or stopped in the swamp. After this I rounded up my friend and we headed out of there pretty quickly not knowing if a nearby hunter was there or worse, some crazy dude was stalking us.
A few days went by before I really began to realize what I could have seen and it just made little sense that someone was out there messing with us.
Have since returned to the location to look some things over, large game trails surround the dune. But other than that, not much further evidence was able to be found."

Jacob says he also observed a musty odor in the air.

Jacob's complete story and a follow-up by a local Bigfoot researcher can be found here.

SOURCE: Bigfoot Research Organization.

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