When we heard about the possible snow on Thursday, I think we all collectively said out loud, "seriously?!" Forget about the snow and start thinking about your dream cruise!

Bermuda is favorite spot of mine. I've been there a few times and highly recommend it. The pink sand and crystal clear water is a sight to be seen. If you're looking for a flat out good time in a tropical setting, the Caribbean is the place for you my friend.

Purestock, Thinkstock
Purestock, Thinkstock

If I had the shot to choose my cruise it would absolutely be Hawaii. First of all, it's for 11 nights! Plus not only do you hit Honolulu, Hilo, Kona, and Kauai, but you visit Vancouver BC as well. All of my friends who have vacationed in Hawaii didn't want to leave.

As the weather gets cold and nasty, it's time to choose your cruise...and your escape to paradise! All you need to do to be in the running for one of seven awesome cruises, is to join the SoJO Friends With Benefits VIP Club below.

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