Who says you're too old to try new things, age is just a number!

Just ask 66 year-old Barbara Nowicki from Palmyra. Barbara is a cancer survivor and a widow and is currently training for her black belt in Karate. After her husband died, she needed to do something to get her active.

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"I needed to do something to get off the couch. I don't think I could kick higher than my ankle, I know I could not do a sit up or a push-up."

Barbara has gotten over the hurdle and is now so close to earning her black belt.

Her instructor at Action Karate, Matthew Brenner said, "I think Miss Barb, on her test, will do well because she's putting in all this hard work, she definitely has commitment."

"It's a challenge and I feel like I have to go for it. I want that black belt to be a fiber of my being," said Nowicki.

Way to go, Barbara!

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