Six Flags Great Adventure has something big planned for 2020.


They don't want to come right out and spill the beans. They want US to put the puzzle pieces together.

I cannot even lie. I am pretty stumped.

It was already revealed that Six Flags will be opening a brand new ride in 2020 but I am almost hesitant to say that this new attraction is all they are teasing because that would be way too easy.

A lot of Six Flags fans seem to think hint #1 points to Circe who could be classified as a "centuries old legend of myth" and in "reality," a DC character.

Keep in mind that Six Flags JUST opened their brand new ride, Wonder Woman Lasso of Truth so the speculation that another DC character-themed ride is the big announcement would totally make sense.

But are we even on the right track?

People are going crazy speculating exactly what these clues are hinting at. Some think this could mean a brand new ride called "El Diablo" could be opening.

Another guess was that the trees referenced in Hint #2 looks exactly like the trees behind Nitro which means that ride could be getting replaced?

Plus, be sure to note that in Hint #1, the letter C is in orange and then in Hint #2, the letter R is in orange.

Could they be legit spelling out the answer as the hints are posted? Be sure to keep track!

I am sure there are more hints on the way from Six Flags. We will keep you updated as this message gets a bit clearer.

To stay up to date, make sure you regularly check the Six Flags Great Adventure Facebook Page.

Good luck figuring this puzzle out because WE ARE STUMPED.



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