A Sicklerville woman who reported a man tried to kidnap her is now accused of lying to police after investigators discovered otherwise.

28-year-old Madison Garaguso dialed 9-1-1, claiming a man tried to abduct her into his white SUV.

NJ.com says she told police a man tried to talk to her before attempting to grab her on Feb. 20th. Police released a description and sketch of the man which led to the arrest of 19-year-old Tyler McGuirl.

Turns out not only does she know the man, but no abduction was happened at all! Reportedly the two got into a heated argument, and Tyler took off in his SUV.

According to 6abc News, Madison is currently being charged with making a false report, while Tyler is behind bars for an unrelated drug offense.

Watch below from 6abc News:

Source: 6abc News | NJ.com

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