Society's changing. People are more educated, settling down later, and therefore getting married at a much older age than before.

Once you make the decision to get married, there's so much to do! Not even just the wedding planning, but actual life decisions need to be made. One of the biggest decisions in a woman's life is to decide whether or not she's taking her man's surname. Whether or not you feel like that's a superficial decision, it doesn't change the fact that changing your name can sometimes feel like changing your identity.

Since it's 2019, you'd think most people would say a woman should do what she wants when it comes to taking her new husband's name, right? Well, hold on a second. Most people actually still believe taking the man's name is the right way to go.

In fact, reports that a new survey shows 70% of people feel this way. SEVENTY PERCENT! That's a lot. Furthermore, the study apparently shows that 50% of Americans believe that changing your last name should actually be a government requirement!

Family over self, I guess, right?

Check out the full report:

Source: 6ABC

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