During the winter season, we all know that the theme parks in New Jersey and Bucks County are closed. One local theme park in Bucks County is looking to change that up a bit. According to Levittown Now, Sesame Place in Langhorne is going to open during the winter season for the first time ever.

We learned that Sesame Place has been around for about 40 years but it has never been open for business during the winter season. Levittown Now shared that the Bucks County theme park will be open in January, February, and March. Starting on Saturday, January 30, through Sunday, March 21 Sesame Place will be open on weekends (Saturday and Sunday) for Elmo’s Furry Fun Fest.

The Vice President of Sesame Place, Cathy Valeriano, told Levittown Now, "Adding January, February, and March for the first time to our schedule is a very exciting operational change for Sesame Place and we couldn’t be more excited." Sesame Place's vice president also said, "Our guests now have the opportunity to experience even more fun with an event option for everyone in the family.” This is exciting for families that have young kids because they have something else to do while so many things are still closed.

We also learned from Levittown Now that the Bucks County theme park is asking all guest that are looking to make a trip to the theme park to make a reservation. The park will continue to practice social distancing as well as other coronavirus precautions.

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