Earlier Wednesday afternoon, a serious tractor-trailer accident happened on Route 42 South. As of 1:30 p.m. delays continue in both directions.

The scene of the accident is between Bellmawr and Route 55.

Credit: Heather DeLuca/TSM
Credit: Heather DeLuca/TSM

According to a report by 6abc, a car was wedged beneath the tractor-trailer, while the back of the truck was slightly hung over the water.

Ashley Zarzyki, a 24 year-old from Villas, was killed in the accident, and identified by police.

The delays run all the way to the Walt Whitman Bridge.

The accident is also causing major delays on other roads. Expect a backup of traffic on 295 North and South where Route 42 merges.

If you are doing any traveling in the area use alternate routes if possible.

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