Today, New Jersey Decides 2012. And if there's one thing Hurricane Sandy didn't do - it was dampen voters' spirits.

Seaside Park residents lineup inside Central Regional
Seaside Park residents lineup inside Central Regional (Jason Allentoff, Townsquare Media NJ)

Hundreds of Seaside Park residents lined up outside the Central Regional High School in Bayville Monday, waiting to get a permit to access their home. All of them had not been back since they were ordered to evacuate last week ahead of the super-storm. Most of the people we spoke with tell us, they have every intention of casting their vote in the election this year.

This one man says, "We have always voted in each election and this year is no different. Regardless of what's happening at home, it is our duty as an American citizen to get out there and exercise our right to vote and freedom. It has never been more important to vote than it is now."

A woman named Mary tells Townsquare Media New Jersey, her home in the resort beach front community suffered extensive flood damage. She says voting will still be a top priority. She explains, "One thing has nothing to do with the other. It's time to get out to the polls and make our choice. I will rebuild. Hey, after all, my family and I have been out and about since the storm came through. Why not take five minutes and pull the lever?"

There were a handful of people who say they won't be going to vote this year. One woman, who asked to remain anonymous, tells us "my home was destroyed. Quite frankly, I have other priorities and things to deal with right now that are much more important."

If your home suffered damage from Hurricane Sandy and you need to figure out your polling place, be sure to text the Nixle System from the New Jersey Office of Emergency Management. On your cellphone, text your home address to 877877.


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