A very scary incident took place yesterday as a 12-year old boy was digging a hole on a South Jersey beach, when the sand caved in on him!


The accident occurred on 17th street beach in Surf City.  The beach only allows holes to be dug up to one foot.


According to 6ABC, 'lifeguards and bystanders freed the boy and witnesses reported bystanders performed CPR.

He says the boy was breathing and in stable condition when he was flown to a hospital.' 


I must say the child is very lucky.  We've heard numerous reports of children either being injured or killed in sand collapses.  It's another reminder that my Mom was right in telling me to stop digging holes on the beach.  I just wanted to dig deep enough to see China! Needless to say, I'm glad Mom stopped me.


Here's more from 6ABC:




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