It's always heartwarming to hear of something good happen to one of our own.

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Today, we extend a huge congratulations to Elmer resident Angel Santiago who has just been named NJ's Teacher of the Year.

According to, Santiago is originally a Cumberland County native. He grew up in Vineland, but currently resides in Salem County. For his 9 to 5, he's dedicated his life to the education of western South Jersey's children, currently serving as an elementary school teacher in Camden County.

The award is a great honor for anyone to be rewarded, especially so for Santiago since he didn't start his teaching journey until later in life. Fun fact about Santiago, he apparently took off with his band after high school and even had some success in the music business before ultimately discovering that his heart was really invested in teaching the next generation.

Governor Murphy even had some kind words to describe Santiago's teaching approach, commending him on his commitment to the profession. Santiago will get to meet Murphy in person when he begins his stint working with the Department of Education at the start of the new year. shared a little bit of Santiago's agenda which includes marketing strategies aimed to gain more minority attraction to academia as a career path.

We extend another congratulations to Mr. Santiago on a job well done as well as gratitude for taking such pride in educating South Jersey's children.


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