He is the son of a famous "sit-com" father, he has a voice that makes most women melt, he's married to an actress whose career is starting to take off, he's seen on TV every week - the tools are here for Robin Thicke to be huge, and it's time for him to get there!

Look at Robin (in photo) - here is a guy whose parents were established in the Hollywood world and they both had passion for singing.  You know his dad Alan Thicke from his 80s and early 90s run in Growing Pains, and you may remember him mom Gloria Loring on Days of Our Lives in the 80s (you know her voice from singing The Facts of Life theme song, and scored a #2 Billboard smash with Carl Anderson with "Friends and Lovers" in 1986).

Robin was destined to be in the entertainment business with that kind of upbringing.  His start was in songwriting for the likes of Jordan Knight (NKOTB), Christina Aguilera and Brandy in the late 90s.  He took his own leap of faith in 2003, and it was a big leap being his style was distinctively R&B - a world dominated by urban artists.

While his debut CD struggled to sell even 100,000 units, his second release 3 years later in 2006 became "The Evolution of Robin Thicke".  The evolution was not being afraid who he is, and showed that a great voice with a great song can score big.  Robin's "Lost Without You" went #1 at R&B, and peaked at #14 in the Billboard Hot 100 chart.  He wrote the song for his wife Paula Patton, who scored opposite Tom Cruise in the last Mission:Impossible film (and is due back for M:I5 in 2013).  Robin and Paula are childhood sweethearts, dating back to their teen years (they met at a club during a teen night).

Robin went #1 at R&B again in 2009 with "Sex Therapy" - proving this blue eyed Canadian was not a fluke, and breaking down walls in the R&B world, and yet he was not scoring with the masses.  He's got the looks and the voice, plus the songs - what's wrong with this picture?

Robin Thicke's last single went Top-10 at R&B, and yet "Love After War" did not make a dent anyplace else.  How is one of Robin's best songs not a smash?  You judge (video stars about 30 seconds in).

Trying to build a bigger profile, Robin Thicke is part of the new singing competition on ABC - Duets.  Sadly the ratings have been falling since the debut weeks ago.

Robin Thicke deserves bigger, and you can help support him and enjoy a great show on July 21st at Harrah's in Atlantic City.  Tickets went on sale this morning - you will not be disappointed!