"Who told this guy it was a good idea to use his Grindr profile pic on billboards???"

That was the comment from a Facebook group member who questioned a billboard now up on Route 40 near Walmart in Hamilton Township.

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The billboard, from realtor Michael Kravchak is not your "usual smiling agent" realtor billboard.

To be fair, Kravachak does point out on the billboard that he's "Not Your Average Realtor."

A photo of the billboard was posted on the "Egg Harbor Township Bitch and Complain" group and the comments have been flowing.

(Since the group is "private" for members only, we can't link to the page, and we don't feel identifying who said what, but we can share some of the comments. And. They. Are. Awesome)

  • *Is this guy a Realtor? Or a GQ magazine cover guy?!"
  • "This is like the funniest thing that we talk about in my house. He’s pretty full of himself."
  • "Not many complaints when a woman is on a billboard. They always say sex sells. I have seen women with less on the bill boards."
  • "Well, it worked though- got attention. Good for him! Lol"
  • "My kids laugh at this sign EVERY TIME."
  • "It’s working….not. I wouldn’t hire him as my realtor…. This makes him look smarmy and pervy."
  • "Realtors crack me up. This guy gets it."
  • "He’s the Scrappy Coco of real estate. "
  • "I just said yesterday to my hubby who is this poser.. and billboard’s are expensive! Lol"
  • "Lol this guy scares my children every time we drive by my teenager isn't appreciative."
  • "No such thing as bad publicity. But I wouldn't call him to sell my house if he was the last full of himself realtor in New Jersey. Now maybe for a foot massage..."

Well, these comments are HILARIOUS! Honestly, though, one of the rules of advertising is that your ad has to grab attention, and Kravchak's billboard certainly does that! People are noticing! (Imagine how much they'd notice if he advertised on our radio station! - WARNING: We are VERY expensive!)

While there are a  lot of crazy comments, there are several comments giving Kravchack some kudos, including:

  • "He’s a great realtor and gives back to the community big time!! He is local. Thanksgiving when people couldn’t afford meals for their Thanksgiving dinner he took care of a lot of families, Christmas time when people couldn’t afford toys for their kids he helped out again!! Has a great heart!! And I would Recommend him to anybody who is selling a house or looking for a house!! Just saying:-)"

Kravchak knew the billboards were different, but that's what has set him apart. He told me,  "I knew when I put those three billboards up with that picture, it was going to cause a stir both negative and positive....  I know my photos may come off like I’m some kind of *** or non-caring **** but I know who I am and I’m a genuinely kind person just trying to make my mark in New Jersey and Pennsylvania real estate. All publicity is good publicity. "

Kravchak told me that he's only been a realtor for 29 months, but business is great! "I didn’t think outside the box, I made my own box."

Kudos, Michael Kravchak, kudos to you!

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