With a 2nd day in the 60s to get December started, the idea of heavy coats, the holiday chill, and the white stuff seems so far away - just check some of the sights you may have seen in the last day or two.

This recent stretch comes as a small but welcomed surprise, especially when you consider that most predictions for December was suppose to be colder than usual in the Mid-Atlantic.

With temperatures being as warm as 67 degrees in South Jersey, you may have seen things you would not normally see in December:

1) People wearing shorts

I cannot deny that I came to work wearing shorts today (yeah the dress code here is casual), but I saw people out jogging as I drove into work, and they were in shorts (and have you noticed that most runners look like they are dying while they run ..... more power to them!)

2) People out washing their cars

I saw my neighbor Mike come out and start washing his car yesterday, and that motivated me to wash our 2 cars at home.  Today my other neighbor Sally was out washing her car.  Let's face it, most cars probably need a bath right now.  Saving some money to do it yourself was a nice December treat!

3) Lawns being mowed

Now most people shut their mowers down by later October or early November (my last mow was the week before Thanksgiving) but I saw one guy in my neighborhood cutting grass.  Now the grass is not going to grow much between now and say March, but it's quite a site for December.

Now this weather would have been perfect to get all the holiday decorations out and have set up your outdoor lights, but life I'm sure got in the way (work, school, kids, etc.).  Good news is the advanced forecast for South Jersey sees sunshine on Saturday and temps approaching 60.

Enjoy this short mild stretch while we have it - remember winter officially begins on December 21st.