2018 was probably the best year ever for Lady Gaga. And with an Academy Award win, this year is just as golden. It's got us reflecting on some of her biggest singles.

But for the fact that R. Kelly is in serious legal trouble, Gaga's collab with him, 'Do What U Want', might have made this list. But, such is life.

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  • 1

    'Bad Romance'

    This is Gaga's signature song. Mostly, we still don't understand what she's talking about, lol, but it's the epitome of her artistry resonating with the masses. 'Ra ah ah ah ah!'

  • 2

    'A Million Reasons'

    There couldn't be a 'Shallow' without this ballad from Gaga's album Joanne. Pure power with not much more than piano and deep lyrics.

  • 3

    'Just Dance'

    This is where it all began. Released in 2008, this dance track still sounds just as good (and relevant) on the radio today.

  • 4


    From A Star is Born, the collaboration with the film's director Bradly Cooper, co-written by mega producer Mark Ronson, led Gaga to her first Oscar.

  • 5


    Lady Gaga originally intended for Britney Spears to record this song. But when Spears turned it down, she recorded it herself, with a little help from Beyonce. It's a great girls anthem.

  • 6

    'Perfect Illusion'

    'Perfect Illusion' was the first single released from Gaga's album Joanne in 2016, and it's not complicated. Although not her most massive hit, it's a perfect pop song.

  • 7

    'Born This Way'

    Although there were many notable musical comparisons to Madonna's 'Express Yourself', the lyrical content of 'Born This Way' and it's support of the LGBTQ community has made the song an anthem.

  • 8

    'The Cure'

    Although released during the Joanne album cycle, 'The Cure' was released as a stand-alone single with no accompanying music video.

  • 9


    One of the most outstanding tracks on The Fame Monster EP, 'Alejandro' may have been the most straightforward, understated pop song we had gotten from Gaga up to that point.

  • 10

    'The Edge of Glory'

    Originally written as a piano ballad, with full production, 'Edge' definitely pays homage to the 80's.

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