Police in Princeton, New Jersey were searching for a 'Jeremy' or 'Debbie' to reunite them with their missing wedding band. Now, they have been found.

According to NBC10 Philadelphia, Princeton police posted pictures of the silver ring inscribed with 'Debbie and Jeremy June 1999,' on the inside.

Luckily, thanks to Facebook the ring was returned to its rightful owners! Apparently, Debbie and Jeremy know Princeton's Mayor, Liz Lempert. Talk about a small world!

And to answer the question on how they lost the ring? Well there's no news on that, but it belongs to Jeremy.

Personally (and don't hate me Debbie or Jeremy) I think maybe one of the two threw away the ring after a dramatic fight. But that's just the soap opera/novella queen inside me.

Check out Princeton Police's Facebook post here:

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