Pop Stars and the Superheroes They Remind Us Of

We may not get to be personally rescued by Batman and Spiderman in real life, but superheroes do walk among us. But who are they, you ask?

No, they're not our valiant firefighters. Nope, not our life-saving doctors either. Our police force? Nah. The army? Nuh-uh! We're talking about pop stars, people, the musical heroes who slay on a daily basis, saving us from radio fatigue and all things basic with their contagious choral hooks and their larger-than-life personalities.

Sure, they may not carry us out of burning buildings or shield us from real-world bad guys, but they do keep us endlessly entertained and inspired — and isn't that what our beloved comic book stars are really here for, anyway?

Click through the gallery above to see which superheroes our favorite pop stars, from Beyonce to Zayn Malik, would be if they possessed any superpowers other than their collective ability to dominate the charts.

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