Police in Salem County are asking for your help.

At Parvin State Park in Pittsgrove, a man has allegedly fired a gun at a boy while he was playing earlier this week. Thankfully the boy was not hit and was able to call his mother who immediately notified the police after.

Officials have described the man in question as 6-foot, 250-pounds, with dark blonde hair and a goatee. He is also described as being short and was wearing a white shirt and jeans. A sketch was released of the man that you can find here.

Police are saying that the man, 35-40 years old, yelled towards the young teen while he was riding his bike and shot his handgun after in the same direction.

The man in question has not been found even after State Police brought in a K-9 Unit and sent a helicopter to search the park from air.

State Police have asked for help in catching this person, and urge anyone to contact them with information. Contact Det. Rigoberto Onofre of the Bridgeton station at 856-451-0106 or 856-451-0101.


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