Authorities are searching for the thief who managed to steal a precious 170-year-old painting celebrating Paterson's 225th birthday.

It's almost like stealing a child's birthday present!

Reportedly, the thief managed to steal the $9,000 oil painting showing Paterson's iconic Great Falls without ANYONE noticing. To make matters worse, the museum has no security cameras installed to even help them find the person responsible.

Museum director Giacomo DeStefano tells NBC10, he had zero idea when the painting was removed. He said the painting became a "part of the furniture" and you know, when you're used to seeing something so often, it can be difficult to pinpoint when it went missing.

He does mention they could have found out definitively who the thief was if only the city installed security cameras.

Hopefully the piece does pop up soon because not only is it part of the city's history, it's also a loan from a collector.

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