Police in Lower Township have partnered with Mister Softee to encourage children to wear a helmet whenever they ride their bikes.

And, I must say this is a brilliant idea. What child doesn't want ice cream? (Aside from those children who are lactose intolerant, I imagine.)

Press of Atlantic City says anyone under 17-years-old gets a voucher for free ice cream at the Mister Softee Ice Cream Parlor in the Villas or any ice cream truck.

At first, I assumed police chose 17 because it's the last year before you're an adult. Turns out, it's state law that anyone under the age of 17 is required to wear a helmet. This is especially since nearly half a million people in the US end up in the emergency room due to bicycle-related accidents.

I'll admit, I slightly wish I was 17 just to get the voucher because my love for Mister Softee ice cream is unreal! But, this is a great idea to encourage children to always wear a helmet.

Way to go Lower Township police!

Source: Press of Atlantic City


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