A post on an Egg Harbor Township Group page decries that another Dollar General Store is coming to the township, and people's comments on the post show they aren't crazy about the idea.

The post says that the EHT Planning Board has approved the site plan for Dollar General to build a new store on Ocean Heights Avenue. It would be the 4th Dollar General Store in the township.

The story of the new store was first reported by Laura Stetser:

Egg Harbor Township Planning Board finalized its approval of a new Dollar General store, to be located along Ocean...

Posted by Laura Stetser on Thursday, October 29, 2020

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While we don't have independent confirmation that the site plan was approved, we do know it was on the board's agenda at it's most recent meeting.

On the "Original Egg Harbor Township Happenings 08234" page, a post reads, "A new Dollar General coming to Ocean Heights near English Creek."

People have not been afraid to comment and express their disapproval. Here's just a few of the comments:

"We don’t need to clear more land for another stupid dollar store there is one less than 5 miles from another one."

"That area is barely manageable with traffic as it is . Between Wawa, the high school and the intersection, that yells traffic nightmare. "

"Are you kidding me???? There are already 2 within what a 5 mile radius???"

"I feel like Dollar Generals are the new mattress stores. They pop up suddenly and seem to multiply!"

"Swear to god, they ever colonize Mars, first thing they’ll put up is a DG."

"Is this a joke ? i feel like this has to be a joke . Why do we need three so close ?"

"Two Dollar General stores within 2.75 miles in two directions. This is unnecessary development."

"How about two less dollar generals and one Trader Joe’s?!?"

Two hours after the post was made Thursday evening, over 75 people had left comments - not a single one was positive.

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