Ever dreamed of being tossed a hand-tossed pizza from a second-story window? Sounds like an episode of Seinfeld, right? One guy is doing just that in Philly, all for a good cause.

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Pizza is the answer!

Ben Berman, a grad student living in Philadelphia, has been cooking pizzas in his apartment on 16th & Sansom, and lowering them to hungry, charitable donors waiting on the street below.

"I realized I could make people smile by dropping slices of pizza out my window, and that was really the original idea.", he told WDBJ7.com.

Berman, a native of Maine, reportedly started his philanthropic pizza enterprise, Good Pizza, at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. He makes the pizza dough and sauce by hand. It's a process that takes about three days. He delivers his fresh-made pies via a pulley. OMG, I swear I've dreamt of this, lol. 'Lower me the pizza!'

So far, he's made and donated around 500 pizzas.

Instead of paying for their pizza, Berman asks his customers to make a donation that will be given to local hunger-relief charities, telling WDBJ7.com, "Anyone that donates to us, 100% of what they give is being given away."

Berman says donations have come in to him from all around the world, so far to the tune of about $30,000.

Watch how it works:

For where to find Good Pizza in Philly, how to donate, and how to enter the pizza 'lottery' check out its official Instagram page.

Sadly, Ben is no stranger to coronavirus. He reportedly lost his grandmother to the infection in last April.

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