No wonder the ladies are having a hard time finding love in the "City of Brotherly Love." There aren't many eligible bachelors to choose from in Philadelphia. Or should I say, attractive, eligible bachelors to choose from? Philadelphia was named as one of the top 8 cities with the ugliest guys. Total Beauty just put out a list of places that don't have the greatest batch of good-looking men. And the general consensus says that Philly is not the place to go to look for a date, a husband, or even a hookup.

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Total Beauty used a bunch of different factors to determine which cities had the least attractive men. Contraceptive and erotica sales were one element that was looked at. The higher the sales means more people are having sex, right? If guys aren't buying condoms, toys, erotic pills, and more that typically means they aren't getting any. So if you put two and two together, what is the main reason guys don't get any? It's usually because they aren't scoring in the lady department. Other factors that went into deciding this list include the number of gyms in the area, the population's obesity rate, how often they exercise and eat healthily, and whether or not they smoke.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania came in at number 7 on the list. According to Total Beauty, mainly because our obesity rate is sky-high. What's even worse is that we ranked number 2 in the worst teeth in the country. And we all know that teeth are very important when it comes to attractiveness.

Here is my assessment. Philadelphia has a huge crack epidemic that has been going on for years. The majority of the city is in poverty which makes it hard to access dental care and other cosmetic needs.



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