I am in a lot of Philadelphia groups on Redditt and I often see discussions about the quality of life in the city of Brotherly Love. It always interests me to see other residents' perspectives of this place we call home. Our view of Philly would be way different than someone from California or Chicago. And that's why when this particular topic came out, I decided to dive in.

The question posed was "Is Philly a good city with bad parts or a bad city with good parts?" Tough question right? At first, I didn't even know how to answer. There are so many different elements that go into making something good or bad, especially a town or city. But from reading almost 500 comments, the overall consensus from Philadelphia residents is that our city is a good place with a lot of f**ked up circumstances to go along with it.

Let's not forget that the city of Brotherly love was a huge world center for culture, arts, politics, and education for many centuries. It seems nowadays all it is viewed as is a place where there is a lot of crime and drug addicts. But take a look around. Do some homework on our city. We have amazing architecture, state-of-the-art facilities including hospitals and museums, plus our food is one of a kind.

In my opinion, I love the city. I saw on the subreddit that a lot of people agree we have a dope nightlife, things aren't as expensive as neighboring cities like DC and New York, and the people are real. Whether you like them or not, the people are as real as it gets.

The downside to Philadelphia is there is so much poverty, the crime rate is unbelievable, and the violence in schools is sickening. We have our very own skid row in Kensington where drug addicts walk up and down the street all day long like zombies. People commented on how hard it is to get in and out of the city due to the intolerable traffic.

There are whispers from people not from here that Philly sucks. Words that have been thrown out are dirty, poor, scary, and more. But to the people who actually make up Philly....we love it.


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