Andre Drummond who recently signed a deal with the Philadelphia 76ers, had a very scary situation happened recently that involved his son Deon.

Deon who is 2 years old fell into a pool and Andre reacted very quickly and jumped into the pool with all of his clothes on and got his son out. You can see the scary moment below from a Ring camera.

Not sure if this was Andre's home or someone else's home, but either way, I think little Deon needs a life jacket or needs to be watched around the pool.

As a parent of a 19 month old, this is probably one of my biggest fears. My in laws have an in ground pool and it doesn't have a gate around it, so when we are over their house, I watch my son like a hawk.

My Dad has a house on the water and that causes another level of anxiety since the drop from the highest dock is a couple of feet down and depending on the current, it could sweep him away.

I always make him wear a life jacket whenever he is at my in laws house or down by the water at my Dad's house. At first he didn't like it and it can make him really hot sometimes, but I'd would rather that than him fall into the water.

Andre is a beast and reacted quickly which I think is fantastic. Not all parents are this lucky to be able to pull their kids out of a pool. There are so many accidental drowning deaths that take place every year, it's heartbreaking.

Thankfully Andre's son is okay. I hope nothing like this ever happens again.

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