I have my own theory, but no one seems to know for sure what’s up with this guy sunbathing on the roof top deck of a Secaucus parking garage. Hashtagged 'only in New Jersey' this photo was shared on NJ101.5’s Instagram as well as Facebook and the comments and captions just keep on coming.

Badges? We don’t need no stinkin’ badges! A quote from the 1948 film The Treasure of the Sierra Madre but meant as a reference to our stupid beach badge system in New Jersey.

Looks like Chris Christie lost a little weight. That didn’t take long to get to the Island Beach government shutdown comparison.

This dude is winning at life. Indeed. As long as no one runs him over.

Why would you do this? Well, why not? Wide open space, nothing to block the sun and he was smart enough to put himself not alongside a car but way out in the open so drivers would see him. The deck is mostly empty so he’s not taking up needed space and not bothering anyone. No seagulls. No beach fees. No manspreading with canopy cities. I’d say this guy has the right idea. My theory is it was probably his lunch break about 2 in the afternoon and he decided to work on that base tan before hitting the real beaches. A little Jersey ingenuity goes a long way!


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