The picture that you are seeing is construction workers removing Joe Paterno's statue from the campus of Penn State.  No one knows yet as to where the statue is going to go.


Meanwhile, in the wake of the Jerry Sandusky trial the NCAA  reacted swiftly...


$60 Million Fine

Joe Paterno's wins are vacated 198-2011 (making Paterno no longer the winingest coach in college football history)

The Penn State football team will also be banned from bowl competition for the next four years.

You can read more about these sanctions, as well as the Paterno family reaction here.


Personally, I think the punishment was quite swift and quite accurate.  I was worried that the NCAA was going to eliminate Penn State football all together, but that was not the case.  The Penn State football program, as well as school officials and trustees, must focus now on the future and deal with the current consequences.



Now that a full day has gone by since these announcements were made, what are your thoughts?  Vote and share your thoughts below.


Video courtesy of ESPN