While an elderly woman watched television in the comfort of her home, surveillance video captured a man looking in and pleasuring himself.

Can you imagine this happening to you? I would be mortified!

NBC10 Philadelphia says the peeping tom was caught "stripping off his clothing and masturbating" while watching through her rear sliding glass door.

Meanwhile, she's at home watching her late-night television like any of us would.

She called WinslowTownship Police assuming the man was attempting to break into her house. After reviewing the surveillance video, police discovered what this man was really doing.

Police suspected it was her neighbor who was wearing the same clothing as the man in the video when police arrived at his door. He is currently being charged with "lewdness, harassment, and trespassing."

Investigators urged neighbors with similar interactions with the suspect to call Winslow Det. Mitchell at 609-567-0700 x1195.

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