Amid the coronavirus pandemic, starting this Friday, PATCO will require all train riders to wear face masks while waiting on platforms and riding the railway.

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With public transportation becoming more and more accessible, comes increased ridership, and, potentially, a higher risk of contracting or spreading COVID-19.

PATCO will require face coverings for riders, even while they wait on the platform for their train to arrive, reports Up until this week, PATCO users were expected to wear facial covering only while trains were en route.

There are a few exceptions to the face masks rule: Children under the 2-years-old and anyone who can't wear a mask because of a disability or medical condition or disability will be exempt.

For all others, the penalty for not complying with PATCO's new face mask requirement may be refused entry or asked to leave the train station, and are subject to fines and other penalties, according to

PATCO will also be continue to encourage and monitor social distancing.

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