A big bust by Stafford Township Police at the Home Depot Monday morning.

Police say that about 11am, they were alerted to a suspicious couple inside the store. When detectives arrived, they were able to observe a man and a woman leaving the store, pushing a cart with a large garbage can and other items. When they found out the items had not been paid for, they approached the pair.

Here's what happened next, according to police:

The male suspect was swiftly detained, and identified as 34 year old Anthony Webb of Port Jarvis, New York. The female was identified as 26 year old Kerry Connors of Middletown, New York but she had attempted to flee the area on foot. However, she was quickly detained by Patrolman Karl Eiker as he arrived in the area.
Further investigation revealed that both subjects, while in the store, had concealed a large amount of store merchandise within the garbage can, valued in excess of $4,600.
Detectives later executed a search warrant on the suspect’s vehicle, which led to the recovery of additional stolen property from a previous shoplifting incident that occurred on January 9, 2021 at a Home Depot located in Newton, New Jersey.
Police say that both Webb and Connors have been charged with Shoplifting, Conspiracy to Commit Shoplifting and Receiving Stolen Property. They've were booked and released pending a court date.
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