This might be one you never heard before, but pay attention: Don't believe everything you see, read, or hear.

Wildwood Crest Police say a fake letter has been circulating, which announces a ban on cars from New York being in New Jersey.

Police point out that the letter is obviously false:

ALERT: Beware of a false letter/press release with joint seals of federal and State agencies stating New York residents cannot enter New Jersey starting May 10 due to #COVID19. There is no such order. The statement is from a nonexistent agency and signed by a fictitious person.

If you receive information such as this, please check sources such as government websites and government social media to confirm the information.

Once again this letter being circulated is FALSE.

Here's a look at the fake letter:

Facebook - Wildwood Crest Police

and, the real explanation:

Facebook - Wildwood Crest Police

REPEATING: The letter is fake.