What happens when celebrities sit down for a seance? You're about to find out. Stars like Kendall Schmidt, Emily Kinney and the cast of 'Ouija' attempted to contact the spirits in a 'Ouija' movie-themed seance!

In case you couldn't be there in person, you can check out the video above to see everything that went down. First of all, can we address the mood in the room? As the medium appeared and introduced himself, nervous giggles could be heard from around the table. Understandable, as the vibe was seriously spooky.

The tension continued to build as the celebs asked questions and the medium appeared to communicate with the spirit world. (Sorry, guys, the spirits refused to reveal 'The Walking Dead' spoilers to Emily's fans.)

As the seance progressed, things got spookier. We totally jumped when books fell off a shelf in response to a question.

"I'm trippin' out," admitted actor Ryan Ochoa.

We were too, Ryan! Watch the seance in the video above and be sure to check out 'Ouija' when it hits theaters this Friday, Oct. 24.

Watch the 'Ouija' Movie Trailer

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