Everyone is talking about Heidi Klum's decision to be in a sexy lingerie shoot with her 18-year-old daughter, Leni.  Some people say there is nothing wrong with it and the rest of us are still cringing.  Meanwhile, they're laughing all the way to the bank.

An Italian lingerie company called Intimissimi wanted women to know that their products are for women of any age, moms and daughters alike.  You know, so you are prepared for the next time, you want to get together with your mom, wear some lingerie and high heels and hug each other you'll know exactly where to shop.

Heidi Klum/Instagram
Heidi Klum/Instagram

Intimissimi has to be thrilled with this campaign.  In fact, someone over there is popping a bottle of champagne and getting a raise.  We're all talking about it and in the end that is all that really matters to them.  Maybe because Heidi is from Europe she has a different sense of what sexualizing your kid looks like?

I get that Leni is 18, so actually, Heidi is not doing this to her but she is at least aligning herself with the sexualization.   Also, Heidi and Leni can spare us the excuse that underwear is functional while wearing those stilettos.

I guarantee you that when asked about this Heidi will make everyone feel like they are the dirty ones for even suggesting this is anything other than mommy/daughter time.  After all, she is the OG of the Victoria's Secret runway so is this just passing the baton?

Listen, if we were talking about swimsuits, I would feel way better about this but lingerie is specifically for sexualizing oneself.  Heidi pretending to be oblivious to the mother/daughter fetishes that exist means that they can cash the check and shame us (not themselves) at the same time. Here is a video of the shoot for you to decide for yourself.

To be fair, I feel like mom had every right to be on set.  In fact, I would recommend a mom being on set for a sexy shoot like that so no one was inappropriate with her daughter.  Also, this is Heidi's world so her input would be very valuable on set, however, once she stripped down and posed with her daughter that is where it crossed the line and got really weird. The controversy means we will keep debating it and ultimately sales will go up.  Where do you stand?

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