You may have seen that Heather DeLuca has posted that 92% of people who have made the New Year's resolution to diet and lose have already scrapped this idea.  Should you be a part of the 8% trying to succeed in your quest for fitness, reading this story may derail you off the treadmill completely!  After all, who doesn't love Pizza!!!!!

You may have missed that Monday began National Pizza Week.  Oh the joy of a beautiful pie for any meal at any time - yes, any time!  I grew up with my godfather buying us pizza one night, and then making sure that cold pizza was served up the next morning.  No time is the wrong time for pizza!

I see certain chains are offering breakfast pizza with eggs and such on it.  I would not say no to it, but I have been somewhat critical of the chains over the years.  I did have Papa John's for the first time in the last year and they are not bad (enjoyed their garlic sauce).  Pizza Hut has their Stuffed Crust that I am a sucker for that (you know you can win Free Pizza from them by getting signed up at - that's a plug!)

The beauty of pizza is that it cam come in many styles: round or square, thick crust or thin (and also stuffed crust), with sauce or white, and now with all the possible toppings you can have the number of possible pizza combinations cannot be accurately calculated.  Tell me you are not craving pizza right now?

We all have favorite places to get the perfect pie.  You may find people can be Pizza Snobs when it comes to the way they like their pizza.  Being a guy growing up along the Jersey Shore, New York style pizza is the definitive choice for me.  I am curious to try Chicago Style just to say I've had it, but when you look at that Deep Dish pie doesn't seem more like a Lasagna than a pizza?  I'm sure those who grow up on that style swear by it, so respect may choice!

I have found a favorite pizza in many places, but NJ still has the best anywhere!  That seems bold when you think about the options that NYC has to offer, but my favorite joint in the city is no longer there.  I spent most of my youth in the 80s in the summer working in the city as a vender for the New York Post, and every Friday delivering pizza for My Daddy's Pizza at the corner of Trinity and Rector in Manhattan.  The smell would hit you at least 2 blocks away, the standard pie was loaded with cheese, and it was the discovery of Roast Beef Pizza.  This was My Daddy's specialty (want a piece right now) - they were ahead of their time with all the toppings found today.  Many great places in the city, but nothing will top my memory of My Daddy's.

The beauty of of growing up in Jersey was that many NYC transplants came down to open many of your favorite pizza places that you know.  My favorite places for pizza have their roots in Monmouth County where I grew up.  Marlboro Pizza is the place my girlfirend and I have to hit when we visit my family.  This place has seen both my sisters and numerous cousins work either behind the counter there or at Dusal's Restaurant connected next door.  A slice from there is a reminder of home!  The place has branched into numerous other styles of pizza, but their standing regular slice gives all you love about pizza.  The place has had the seal of approval of actor Chazz Palminteri (who drove from several towns over just to get his favorite pie from here).

Federici's Pizza is a joint on the Main Street of Freehold - Springsteen home turf!  Bruce did grow up not far from where the restaurant is, and the family ties bind to the late E Street Band member Danny Federici.  Talk about thin crust pizza, Federici's manages to be able to pile on fresh toppings that shine through their thin crust.  The family is always warm and friendly, ready to serve, but do not bring the credit cards here.  Federici's only takes cash, but worth every dollar for their unique pizza.  All their food is wonderful there, and it reminds me that I need to plan a trip back there soon!

Heading down to the beach, stopping in Ocean County to the "Jersey Shore" crew in Seaside Heights.  Should you visit the now "Hot Spot" of the shore thanks to MTV, visit one of the 3 Brothers places on the Boardwalk for their hunk of pizza.  The slices they have are bigger than your head!  When I took my girlfriend and her daughter there a few years back, their reaction to the size of the pizza was unforgettable.  Now I'm wondering if they will deliver to me here?

I have only have worked in Atlantic for 4 months and have no idea where the good pizza places are.  Since it is National Pizza Week, feel free to post your favorite pizza place and explain why and your favorite toppings and style.  I'll make sure that Tom Morgan goes to any place you recommend and brings some back here!




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