Guess which member of One Direction supposedly insured his butt — or bum, if you want to use a British slang term — for £100,000, which roughly amounts to about $162,000 in U.S. dollars?

No, it wasn’t the ever-popular and well-coiffed Harry Styles who took out a policy on his patoot. But Styles revealed that bandmate Louis Tomlinson did! We think that Styles may be pulling our leg and playing a prank, and that Tomlinson is in on the jig.

According to Now, Styles confirmed that “Louis has insured his bum just like J. Lo. We support him and so does his family.”

The 1D dudes are known for being jokesters, and this could very well be another instance of their famous sense of humor!

Tomlinson intimated that he had to protect his rump since fans are always touching it and reportedly told The Daily Star, “Our bodyguards can only do so much.” He was therefore forced to adopt another protective measure. That is one in-demand buttocks!

He continued, “No one has sustained any injuries yet, but you can never be too careful.” Better to be butt safe than butt sorry, it seems?

Do you think Louis Tomlinson has really safeguarded his rear end or is he joking? Our ultimate question is this: Why not insure it for a million bucks, as opposed to a measly $100k?

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