What is believed to be New Jersey's oldest General Store has been in operation since 1876.

It's now on the market and whoever purchases it, will own a bonafide piece of Garden State history.

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Before there were convenience stores like Wawa and Quick Check, there was the General Store.

In 1876, rice was five cents per pound, butter was 15 cents per pound, and oranges were 50 cents for a dozen.

You could also purchase a horse for $150. Cows were only $26 and a bull would set you back about $90.

Garriss General Store in Stillwater, Sussex County has been a one-stop-shop for well over a millennium.

This picture taken last fall looks like it could've been taken a hundred years ago, but it is current.

The owners over the years have been meticulous about preserving the history of this site.

Customers over the years were able to purchase goods, enjoy a meal and even pick up their mail all in one place. And yes, the U.S. Post Office still leases space at the general store, and mail is still delivered.

This is a place where locals still gather for a meal. Breakfast time is popular, especially with Mama G's crepes being served up.

The current owner is looking for a new owner that will keep the business open.

What many don't know is that there is a three-bedroom home in the back.

Kevin Colman Gross & Jansen Realtors
Kevin Colman Gross & Jansen Realtors

Not to mention a pretty good amount of land as well.

Kevin Colman Gross & Jansen Realtors
Kevin Colman Gross & Jansen Realtors

The house admittedly is a bit of a fixer-upper.

The asking price for the general store, the home, and the land that goes with it is a very reasonable $699,000.

Could this be a viable business that allows a new owner to keep history alive?
Only time will tell.

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