Ocean City's Jeopardy! phenom Cris Pannulo fought back from second place in the Jeopardy round to win his 16th consecutive game Monday night.

After winning another $39,800, for a 16-night total of $566,344, Cris etched his name in the Jeopardy! record book, climbing into the top ten all-time money winners list at number ten.

Pannullo also moves into the top five for all-time Jeopardy! winnings in regular gameplay.

That's pretty impressive and shows that Cris has had some really good jackpot nights in his 16-night stretch.

Cris' success hasn't gone unnoticed by host Ken Jennings, who asked Pnnullo Tuesday what he wanted to do with the money.

Jennings: "Cris Pannullo from Ocean City, New Jersey, our returning champ. You're now at about half a million dollars in winnings, Cris, if you can believe it. Do you have any plans for the money?"

Cris: "Ah, maybe at some point, buy a house. Ah, New Jersey has the highest real estate prices in the country, so maybe start out with a really nice tent or a shed if I want to splurge (laffs) But, yeah, it would be nice to own a house someday."

Jennings: "It depends on how long you're on. We should start showing new Zillow listings every time we show your total, and see what you're in the market for."

I think Cris has definitely moved past the own-a-shed stage.

If he can make it through this week on his streak, he will move into seventh place for the all-time longest-winning champion at 20 games. Cris still has a long way to go to top Ken Jennings's records of 74 consecutive games won and the total winnings record of just under $5 million, according to Jeopardy! statistics.

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