An Ocean City native has been making it her mission to raise some military members' holiday spirit for over a decade now in the form of Christmas cards.

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Robin McCauley of Ocean City launched Project Love Cards back in 2009. She said that the project began slightly out of boredom, so she thought there could be a better way to spend her time during the holiday season. McCauley shared that the soldiers in the army always held a special place in her heart, so she figured why not start there?

McCauley revealed that her brother-in-law had been stationed oversees at the time, so she wanted to do something that would make a positive impact on all those in service not able to spend time at home for the holidays. The idea for Project Love Cards started over ten years ago with an intention to make a few goodie bags with cards and send them to whichever service members she'd be able to obtain information for. Now, eleven years later, she's mailed almost 55,000 Christmas cards and over 17,000 goodie bags.

McCauley wants you, now, to be involved this year. 2020's been a nutty year for all, there's no denying that. She's asking that you draft a card to a military service member wishing them a happy holiday. You don't need to address it to any specific member in-particular. She handles all that. All she's asking if for you, if you're interested, to include at least one service member in your Christmas card list this year. She'll handle the rest.

If you're interested in drafting a card for a service member for Robin, you can reach her via her Facebook HERE.



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