He has been received over 25 Million views on YouTube, his commercial for Pistachios has been running lately, and he ranks as one of the greatest "viral videos" of all time - so on a slow news day, and a rainy Monday I bring you Keyboard Cat for some fun.

You have had to have seen the video by now - this month marks 5 years that this character has been out there under the title "Charlie Schmidt's Keyboard Cat (THE ORIGINAL)".  "Keyboard Cat" footage consists of Fatso, a cat owned by Charlie Schmidt playing" a keyboard.  In reality, Schmidt is manipulating the cat under a baby's tee-shirt - look carefully and you'll see Schmidt's wrists can be seen at the far left.

Over the years, Keyboard Cat has been a part of our pop culture through Jon Stewart ("The Daily Show"), the 2009 MTV Movie Awards (Andy Samberg's opening monologue suggested that award winners whose speech went on too long would be played off by Keyboard Cat), and the commercial running again on TV for Pistachios.

Keyboard Cat has even been parodied by actor Ron Livingston (who you know from Sex In The City on HBO, plus movies like Office Space and Dinner For Schmucks).

On a day like this, I hope you enjoyed some Keyboard Cat - hey you could have been Rick Rolled, but I spared you that embarrassment!


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