New warning signs have appeared on North Wildwood beach following the incidents of 3 people drowning since 2009.

Initially, the family of the 2012 victim, George Bradley Smith, filed a lawsuit seeking to close a portion of North Wildwood beach. While they didn't sue, the families of 2009 victims, Jamila Watkins and Shayna Hart, called for the beach's closing as well, saying it's "dangerous."

The fate of the beach has yet to be decided in court, according to In the meantime, these new warning signs have appeared on North Wildwood beach:

  • "Unprotected beach. Sudden drop-off."
  • "Any use of the beach, ocean and tidal areas is at your own risk."
  • "Deadly currents. Real risk of drowning."

In addition to these signs, Mayor Patrick Rosenello says no one is allowed to enter without a lifeguard present. It also appears he isn't entertaining any suggestions to close down the beach, despite the victims' families calling for it. says North Wildwood officials have defended the beach saying the deaths were due to "natural conditions."

Watch below from NBC Philadelphia:

Should North Wildwood beach be closed down as the result of 3 people drowning? Or are signs sufficient enough? Let us know your thoughts!

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