I have to admit, I am a bit of a hypochondriac. I always assume it's the worst, the second I feel a scratchy throat or a cough starting up. And like many others, I run right to the internet to self-diagnose every pain and symptom.

Medicare Health Plans put together a list of the most googled medical conditions state by state, and according to the list, the one that gets the most attention in New Jersey is lucid dreams.

Lucid dreams... Huh? I'm actually surprised that my favorites like "fever", "flu", "stomach ache" or "stuffy nose" didn't top the list for the Garden State. Though, lucid dreams may explain my recent dream of finally hitting a million dollar lottery!

Just in case you're wondering, stress is the most googled symptom for Pennsylvania and loss of sleep, ironically, is the number one symptom googled for New York (home of the city that never sleeps).

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