Due to the pandemic, Maroon 5 has moved their tour plans to next summer. But, in the meantime, they're indulging us with a new song called 'Nobody's Love'.

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Anyone who knows me knows I'd had September 3rd blocked off on my calendar the minute Maroon 5 announced they were coming to BB&T Pavilion along Camden Waterfront. That show has been postponed until September 4, 2021. And, while I was super excited to see them again, and here more songs from the Red Pill Blues album live, I'm a patient girl. So, I will wait for next summer.

But, today, Adam Levine and the guys dropped a new track to hold us over until then! 'Nobody's Love' follows the band's most recent smash hit 'Memories', but sounds like it would have been right at home on 2017's Red Pill Blues. It definitely picks up where songs like 'Wait' and 'Girls Like You' left off.

As an OG Maroon 5 fan (I'm talking 2002, 200 people in a club, pre-The Voice, scrawny Adam Levine fan), it's fun for me to hear how they evolve their sound. I think 'Nobody's Love' showcases the best of the band's roots as songwriters, and its pop sensibilities.

Watch the obviously filmed in quarantine-video for 'Nobody's Love' by Maroon 5 below. Adam is bald and still rocking that bushy beard from 'Memories'. Oh, and one more thing. I double checked, and the band still has no formal plans to release their next full-length studio album, so we just get this single for now.

**WARNING: [NSFW] Video contains images and use of marijuana. Parental guidance is suggested.**

So, what do you think of the new song? Let us know in the comment box below.

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