LACEY — This township is launching a program called The Estate Card to help residents save money on their property taxes.

Municipal Clerk and Administrator Veronica Laureigh said The Estate Card is a prepaid debit card in which a resident loads funds. Then the resident receives credits toward their property tax bill when they shop from a selection of more than 3,000 local and online participating retailers.

Some of those stores include Home Deport, Walmart and Macy's. You can get your products shipped to store and they will offer rewards on The Estate Card.

She also said card company will try to sell the idea to local shops in town in order to get them to participate.

A resident would build up points and track rewards online. Then you would get a credit on the tax quarter that you would pay your taxes.

The average residential property tax bill in Lacey last year was $5,786.

There are no fees to have The Estate Card but there are fees to use it at non-approved ATM machines or to cash-out the card.

You can get The Estate Card at There's links to three cards. One is for property owners. There's also a card for a tenant-rebate program that will help residents earn rewards toward their rent that would go to the landlord. There's also a card where you can sign up as a merchant to participate in the program.


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