A New Jersey teen girl's quest to become an American Ninja Warrior champion continues Monday night.

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Lacey Twp., Ocean County's Ava Colasanti has swung, jumped, and climbed her way to the reality competition's women's final, which airs Mon. August 30th at 8 p.m. on NBC.

Colasanti, a student at Lacey Township High School and a cross country runner, has the whole Jersey shore in her corner as she strives to earn the American Ninja Warrior Women's Title. She's 16 and 'savage' is her motto, according to jerseyshoreonline.com.

And if you've ever seen the show, you know what feats of strength must be accomplished to reach the 'summit'. The American Ninja Warrior course has defeated some of the strongest, most agile athletes in the world. So, for a teenager from our area to get all the way to the final is pretty awesome.

American Ninja Warrior on NBC via Kim Meade Colasanti; leo 241/YouTube;
American Ninja Warrior on NBC via Kim Meade Colasanti; leo 241/YouTube;

And it's not only Ava's determination to conquer the competition, but her commitment to her community, including fellow LTHS student afflicted with a brain disease. Ava reportedly used her platform, Team Savage, to sell t-shirts with proceeds benefitting that student's battle.

Ava Colasanti is serious New Jersey GIRL POWER! And, win or lose, her journey can motivate us all to be our best selves. Her mom, Kim Colasanti, has said Ava's trained herself to the point of bloody hands, jerseyshoreonline.com reports. This girl is a FIGHTER folks!

Congratulations to Ava! Watching you compete has us putting you wayyyy beyond savage to TOTAL BEAST MODE in the best possible sense! You're an inspiration in more ways than one! We'll all be watching American Ninja Warrior Aug. 30th and cheering you to victory!

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