This new Jersey teen is blowing up the Internet for her clap back against her high school's dress code with her yearbook photo and quote.

Victoria DiPaolo from West Mildford High School had to make one last final statement about her school's "sexist" dress code with her bare shoulders, and sassy quote:

As someone who went to catholic school all her life, I fully understand dress code and have always abided by it. But, I am LIVING for this quote!

The assumption that a young girl's shoulders, bra straps, or even baring a quarter of her midriff, would be distracting for a young person's education is ridiculous. According to Victoria, when she saw the off-shoulder robes for her senior photos, she found her opportunity to make her mark one last time.

This yearbook quote was her last hurrah against the school dress code, and it's safe to say majority of Twitter is celebrating her.

Friendly reminder that it's more important to teach young people about respecting each other's bodies and that a young girl is more than an object. While there are dress codes for both young men and women, it's obvious that it's explicitly written for women. Read Victoria's story on Yahoo Style, where she tells her story in full detail.

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