SZA, a New Jersey native and Grammy-nominated artist, was stopped by security at a Sephora store in Calabasas, California.

An employee in the store called security on the singer-songwriter because she thought she might have been stealing.

I guess the employee didn't realize who SZA was... Wow.

SZA tweeted about the incident afterwards, and even called out the store number and location in her tweet.

She even nicknamed the employee "Sandy Sephora".


SZA said in her tweets that all she was trying to do was buy some Fenty Beauty products. says that SZA, Solána Rowe, used to work as a skincare consultant for Sephora.

SZA's fans were by her side through this whole ordeal. They even replied to SZA's tweet with their opinions about the situation and how "Sandy" was discriminatory against SZA as she shopped.

One person tweeted, “Please educate your staff to not harass the black patrons. Sandy needs to GO!”

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