The dentist whose playboy Easter Bunny display in front of his Clifton office caused controversy, attracted TV film crews and a brought the ire of woman who hacked them down with garden shears opened up to Steve Trevelise — about why he did it, about the woman who attacked his display, and why he's putting them back up.

If you're unfamiliar with the incident, check it out here:

Dr. Wayne Gangi, who decorates his lawn for all the holidays decided to go with the bunny theme.

"We were just thinking of doing something wacky 'cause I had finshed those girls out there for St. Patty's Day," he said.

He said it was in honor of Hugh Hefner's birthday, which was April 9. Was that Jersey BS?

"That's for you to decide," he said. "We were thinking of doing something wacky ... seemed like everything went crazy."

There were some religious folk who complained about the display, to which Dr. Gangi says: "Easter to me is a Christian holiday celebrated in the church, I really think Easter eggs and bunnies are retail frenzy for making some good cash, when I think of Easter eggs or Easter baskets or I think of bunnies, I think of Playboy Bunnies, we just transitioned over."

Then came the woman who hacked them down, to which Dr. Gangi says: "She's an attention seeking, troubled person," he said.

On the day that she came, Inside Edition showed up, along with WPIX.

"I don't necessarily want the press," Dr. Gangi said. "I just wanted to have it as a funny display that people see going past my house as they travel ... and before you know it it's that typical cascading effect that everybody else follows suit."

Dr. Gangi then told me about the woman who destroyed his property: "she put on a show, used both hands to wave goodbye to all the crews, then she curtsied. She continued to walk back across the street to where I was parked. I said, 'What's going on?' and she said, 'Enough with it, dude.'"

Dr. Gangi told me that he's pressing charges.

"They said they tried to tell her not to do it and there's a chance she might get arrested and she said it was worth being arrested for," he said. I think they should make her the display caretaker as part of her community service.

So if this display was really about Hugh Hefner's birthday which was last week, then why it is going back up?

"If the decorations go down it's from my choice and not that of some troubled person."

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